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What is a product configurator

Most of our customers search for a solution how to automate the manufacturing of their own product. One of the many solutions is the product configurator. It is computer application containing a web user interface. The user can input product parameters and functions inside such GUI. The product outputs are automatically created after the configuration by user. The application creates outputs as:
  • Models, drawings
  • ERP data
  • FIles, images, PDF
  • NC data
  • Price of the new product
The following image shows one of the possible variant of the product architecture of the configurator:

Architecture of configurator

The processes in company before the deployment of the product configurator

You an see on the following picture a description of the processes in the DBM company. The sales department obtains an order for new a product. The sales guy sends the order to a construction department. The construction department creates models, drawings and other needed outputs and send it to a manufacturing department.

The manufacturing department is not satisfied in many cases with outputs from the construction department and it returns the data outputs back. It leads to the wasting of time and material.

The processes in company after the deployment of the product configurator

On the following picture you can see the new way of the creating of the new product in the company after deploying of our product configurator.
The sales department obtains again the order, but this order is not to the construction department directly but the sales guy write it to an ERP system. The construction department is informed about this order and it can configure a new product by the order. The inserted parameters of the new product is saved to server and some of the Pro/ENGINEER servers creates the new product outputs as models, drawings, NC data, PDF, images or NC data .

The comparison of the before and after

 Before After
One man is dedicated to fill the NC data to machine. The 10 mistakes from 100.
Automation, no mistakes
Only few types of product, hart to extend to new one
The extension of types from 5 to 30, will be 100
The construction department can invent new types of product, they cannot create boring outputs.
Doubled the speed of the creation of new product (30 configuration per day, full speed 100
return of investment one year

The benefits if the configuration

  • Speeding up the manufacturing
  • Less errors
  • Extension of the production types or variants
  • ... and more

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